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A terrible fate has fallen upon the world of Drao. Drao was once protected by spiritual beings who kept the darkness at bay by channeling their collective energy together to form a protective light barrier around their planet.The spiritual beings' energy was scattered throughout the universe when a nearby planet exploded and a meteor crashed into Drao. The inhabitants of Drao relied on the spiritual beings to keep their planet safe and now that darkness has penetrated the planet, everything has been frozen in place. With their remaining power, the spiritual beings combined and created a spiritual entity named Nuli, consisting of pure light and sent it out into the universe in search of their lost energy.

W,A,S,D or Left stick to move

Mouse or Right stick to look around

Space or Right Trigger to jump

Install instructions

Just download, unzip and run the executable.

Game can be played with or without an oculus rift. Tested on DK2.


New Heights 4-2016.rar 197 MB

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